Construction Industry

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Rakchem Industries LLC, also known as Rakchem or RCI – Manufactures Construction industry raw materials in its factory located in Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ghail Industrial Park. We produce Limestone, Dolomite, Silica Sand, Marble Chip, Premium Plaster, Repair Mortar, Nonshrink Grouts etc.

    • Additives for construction chemicals: Our performance additives and intermediates include defoamers, water repellents, release agents and air-entraining agent for Concrete.
    • Concrete protection chemicals: We offer highly engineered products which have to fulfill challenging requirements in many applications including buildings, bridges, railways or tunnels.
    • Masonry protection chemicals: We offer a broad portfolio of specialties designed for the formulation of solvent based or waterborne of masonry water repellents.