Rakchem Industries LLC was established in 2007 in the United Arab Emirates and our portfolio ranges from manufacturing of Oilfield Chemicals & Construction Chemicals to selling a wide range of products in the Middle East; with emphasis on petrochemicals, oilfield chemicals, industrial chemicals, minerals, sea water desalination chemicals, glass industry chemicals, packaging, paints, coatings and construction sector products.


    • Admixtures
    • Premix dry Colour Plaster
    • Premix dry Colour Rush Coat
    • Premix dry Scratch finish colour Plaster
    • Premix dry Normal Plaster
    • Premix dry Key Coat – Normal Blocks
    • Premix dry Key Coat – AAC Blocks
    • Premix dry Tile adhesives & Glues
    • Premix dry Tile grouts
    • Premix dry Block fixing Mortars
    • Premix dry AAC Block fixing Mortars
    • Water Proofing Materials.
    • Concrete repair mortars
    • Bonding agents
    • Mould releasing agents